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Develop corporations & promote international exchanges
2014-03-06 08:43  

--Our college signed contract with Ethiopian Railways Corporation for training ERC staff

Through previous investigation, research and negotiation, our college had officially signed contract with Ethiopian Railways Corporation(ERC for short) for training ERC staff on January 24th, 2014. Mr. Habteselassie, Counselor of Ethiopian embassy, Mr. Sarka, Deputy CEO of Rail Operations & Services of ERC, Mr. Debo, Deputy CEO of Railway Infrastructure of ERC, Mrs. Chen Tengbo, Deputy Director General of International Exchange Department of Tianjin Educational Committee, Mr. Wei Haibo, Deputy Director General of Personnel and Education Department of Tianjin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Mr. Gao Xiaofang, Section Chief of the second section of Tianjin Entry and Export Bureau, Mr. Wu Weiqian, Business Manager of African Business Department of CCECC, and leaders, teachers of the college were present at the ceremony.

On behalf of each party, President Li Qunxian and Mr. Sarka had signed on the contracts, officially establishing corporation. Mr. Habteselassie expressed his strong will to corporate with our college during his speech. He said that after he had visited and investigated several colleges of the same kind, he found out that our college has the most favourable conditions both on hardware of buildings, dining halls, and practical training equipments and on software of qualified teachers and managements. The coming of the first team of 254 Ethiopian Railways Corporation would be the first corporation between the two parties. Mr. Habteselassie wished that the two parties would continue the corporation with the assistance and support of the Ethiopian Embassy.

On behalf of the Tianjin Municipal Education Committee, Mrs. Chen Tengbo also delivered a speech at the signing ceremony, expressing congratulations to the corporation. She said that receiving over two hundred students was a big event for pushing the international exchange and corporation of Tianjin vocational education.

Mr. Zhang Qikun hosted the signing ceremony, pointing out that the signing of the contract had played a very important role on the corporation between China and Ethiopia, and also between Asia and Africa.




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