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Mr. Zhang Attended the Launch Ceremony of ERC Staff Coming to China
2014-04-03 17:33  


Ethiopian Railways Corporation and our college signed the Training Contract for 254 ERC staff in January of 2014 after long time negotiation. On March 25th, Ethiopian Railways Corporation held the Launch Ceremony of the program in their capital city Addis Ababa . Staff from all around the country came to the headquarters of ERC to attend the ceremony. Ethiopian National Premier Counselor and Minister of Transportation Department Dr. Arkebe Ouqbag, CEO of ERC Dr. Getachaw Betru, and other leaders of ERC attended the ceremony.

Mr. Zhang Guangfu, International Exchange Director of our college attended the launch ceremony and delivered a speech. Mr. Zhang introduced our qualification in offering international training in English and our preparation for this program. He also extended sincere greetings to ERC staff members and warm welcome to the 254 trainees on behalf of the college. The trainees were expected and asked to study hard and master railway-related skills in China .


















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