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News and events
College Presidents met ERC Delegation
2014-05-01 18:00  



On 8:00 a.m., April 25th, 2014, vice presidents of the college and the officials from ERC, Mr. Sarka, Mr. Tekola, Mr. Abraham, Mr. Zewdu, and Mr. Yesuf had an official meeting.

ERC delegation first expressed their appreciation to the college management for the wonderful program being undertaken and for what we did for the sick student, which they thought to be life-saving. DCEOs of ERC, Mr. Sarka and Tecola also said that Ethiopian students liked the campus and enjoyed their life here and that they were quite satisfied with the courses and the teaching. Mr. Yang Guilin, our vice president promised, on behalf of the college management, that the college would spare no efforts in offering first-class training. The two parties then went into detailed discussions on teaching, accommodation and overall management.

The ERC delegates showed great interests in pursuit for further cooperation with our college, especially in the establishment of Africa Railways Academy . Both sides agreed on the point that long-term cooperation will benefit us all and will be a win-win game.









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