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Colorful Activities for Ethiopian Students
2014-05-03 23:03  


During the International Labor’s Day holiday, colorful activities were organized for the Ethiopian students to help them know more about Chinese culture and to enrich their after-school life.

Three major activities: Tour around Tianjin, Fun games, and Friendly Volleyball matches were organized during the 3-day holidays. Classes took the activities in turn.

In the tours around Tianjin, students were taken to the Water Park, the South Grassland Park and Tianjin Museum. Our Ethiopian students were so excited about the tour that they started singing and dancing on the coaches as soon as they were leaving for the tourist attractions of Tianjin. They were laughing whole-heartedly all the way. Volunteers from our students introduced the attractions along the route, such as Beining Park, Tianjin Train Station, the Millennium Clock, the Five Main Roads, etc. In the parks, students enjoyed the warm sunshine of the beautiful spring; while in Tianjin Museum, Ethiopian students felt fascinated and charmed by Chinese culture.

While some students were enjoying the beautiful sceneries of Tianjin, the other students were playing fun games on the campus: transporting ping-pang balls with chopsticks, crossing the river with stones, rope jumping, etc. Ethiopian students completed all the games and had great fun with some help and assistance from our Chinese students. A solid friendship was also developed.

In the Friendly Volleyball matches, Ethiopian students from different classes fought against each other. They enjoyed the games and the audiences were thrilled by their performances.

Although in a foreign country, Ethiopian students were never t alone as they were treated as family in our college. During the 3-day holiday, many teachers and students chose to stay at the college with Ethiopian students instead of spending their holiday with their own family. The management members investigated the tour routes and arranged the whole program in advance to make sure everything went well; the Supporting Department carefully prepared foods and beverages; the Publicity Department followed through all the activities; and the International Exchange Department did a wonderful job as the coordinator.

The colorful activities greatly impressed the Ethiopian students and will be one of their best and unforgettable memories of their life in our college.





















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