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Railway Motive Power Department
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Railway Motive Power Department

Driving and Maintenance for CRH Unit

To cultivate high-quality and skill-oriented talents with the ability of driving, manufacturing, examining, utilizing, outfitting and maintaining the CRH units. Main courses include CRH unit formation and daily maintenance, CRH motor examination and maintenance, regulations and safety for CRH, braking system examination and operation for CRH, mechanical equipment examination and maintenance for CRH, TRC system adjustment and maintenance for CRH, operation and utilization for CRH unit, etc. To cultivate talents in diesel and electrical locomotives’ driving, examining, maintaining, dispatching and advanced workers for rolling stock maintenance and gauging.

Railway Locomotive and Rolling Stock

To cultivate high-quality and skill-oriented talents with the ability of driving, examining, maintaining, organizing, managing, dispatching diesel locomotives, electric locomotives and other railway vehicles. Main courses include mechanical drawing, CAD basis, basis of electrotechnics, machinery basics, electric locomotive motor equipment, utilization and regulations of electric locomotive, vehicle utilization, braking of electronic locomotive, control of electronic locomotive, locomotive inspection and repair, diesel engine of diesel locomotive, electric drive of diesel locomotive, braking system of diesel locomotive, and vehicle formation, etc.

Railway Electrification

To cultivate high-quality skilled-oriented talents with the ability of doing operation, construction, overhaul, maintenance, management, dispatching of electric railway and urban mass transit system. Major courses include: Theory of Circuit, Analog Electronic Technique, Digital Electronic Technique, Microcomputer Principle and Its Application, Traction Power Supply System, Relay Protection, Operation Regulations of Substation, Overhead Network, High Voltage Technique, etc.


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