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Graduation Ceremony for ERC Electrification Students
2014-08-09 08:09  


August 7th, graduation ceremony for ERC Electrification students is held. Mr. Belay from ERC, vice presidents Mr. Yang Guilin, Mr. Zhang Qikun and Ms. Xu Qun, and Mr. Zhang Guangfu, director of the International Exchange Division attend the ceremony. Some representatives of the teachers and all the 14 OCS students are also invited to the event.

Vice president Mr. Yang awards the graduation certificates to all the students and the gifts our college has prepared for them. In his speech, he says he hopes that all the new graduates will go back to Ethiopia with the knowledge they have gained here and the friendship they have built with our teachers and our students. He also looks forward to seeing them become the backbones of ERC, and perform their duties to their best abilities. Mr. Belay, an official from ERC, congratulates the graduates for their completion of training. He also extends his sincere gratitude to the teachers for their first-class and professional teaching and to the support service workers for their painstaking and thoughtful job. Mr. Filmon speaks for all the students on the ceremony. He first gives his heart-felt thanks to the college for the training opportunity and the cozy stay. On behalf of all, he promises to demonstrate and apply what he has learned here into his future job and wishes the friendship between the college and ERC last long.

Vice president Mr. Zhang Qikun hosts the ceremony.









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