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Co-build the Road of Friendship
2014-12-19 10:28  



December 8th, 2014, graduation ceremony for the 15th TAZARA training program students was held in the conference room in our college. Mr. George N.Manongi, minister from Tanzania Embassy to China, leaders from CCECC, Mr. Hoo Junlin, Party secretary of the college and Mr. Wang Yutao, college president, lecturers of the program, representatives of the teaching faculty and all the 36 trainees attended the ceremony. Mr. Hoo Junlin, Party secretary of the college, hosted the grand event.


The ceremony started with a speech from Mr. Wang, in which he expressed his warmest welcome to all the leaders for their presence, sincere gratitude for their support, trust and caring to the college and congratulations to all the students. Mr. Wang also pledged the students to bring our friendship back to their home countries and commit themselves into the construction of their railway.


Mr. Kamanga·Masauso, student representative, delivered their gratefulness to the college on behalf of all students for the learning opportunity and the excellent environment the college provided. He promised to apply what he had gained here into his job and spread the words around about Chinese people’s hospitality and diligence.

Mr.Zhao, DCEO of CCECC gave high credits to our teachers for their careful and rigorous attitude to teaching and their professional style. They were also satisfied with our thoughtful support services. He also thought highly of the friendship between TAZARA students and the college, claiming that we started a new era for another long-last friendship.


Mr. Jia Hongda, on behalf of all teachers expressed our best wishes and expectations to the students.


Mr. George N.Manongi, minister from Tanzania Embassy to China, also gave high credits to the college for the wonderful job we did. He extended his heart-felt appreciation to China for the support and help that went into the construction of TAZARA. Mr. Manongi said that the railway between Tanzania and Zambia had been a road of friendship and that even Chinese President, Mr. Xi Jinping, also mentioned, in his speech when visiting the capital city of Tanzania, the importance of keep a good relationship with Africa countries. President Xi said that this bond between China and Africa countries need stay vital and vigorous and that we both need pioneer with time and trend. In the past 50 years, at each critical stage of African development, China and Africa had been able to stand high and think far, seeking for new areas of cooperation and pushing the friendship to move forward.


Guests and leaders awarded graduation certificates to all the students and they took a group photo together in front of the school gate in memory of the training.


Our college spared no efforts for the training program. We redecorated the classrooms, the dorms, the cafeteria, the stadium and other places for student activities. We offered the best environment and accommodations for them. The most experienced teachers and management team were selected, who worked out the most appropriate working schedules for the TAZARA students and targeted –to –the –point textbooks. The courses we offered were well received. Students were taken to working sites for practical trainings. Field visits not only broadened their horizons but helped accumulate working experiences.

The Graduation Ceremony


Awarding the Graduation Certificates


Graduation Certificates


Student representative: Mr. Kamanga Masaruso


Journalist from Tianjin Daily interviewing Mr. George N. Manongi


Group Photo in Memory of the Training Program




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