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Grand Graduation Ceremony for Ethiopian Students
2015-01-27 09:44  

A grand graduation ceremony was held for our Ethiopian students on January 9th, 2015.

Present at the ceremony are Mr. Shemalis, minister counselor of Ethiopian embassy to China, Mr. Sarka, DCEO of ERC, Mr. Gobeze, HR director of ERC, Ms Chen Tengbo from Tianjin Education Commission, Mr. Lee Wei from Tianjin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Mr. Gao Xiaofang from Tianjin Exit and Entry Administration, Mr. Hoo Junlin, Party secretary of the college, Mr. Wang Yutao, president of the college, other members of the college management, course teachers, representatives of the teaching faculty and all 202 students from the locomotive and rolling stock and S&T .

Mr. Hoo Junlin presided the event.

On behalf of the college, President Wang extended his sincere welcome to the distinguished guests present, heart-felt appreciation and respect to all the leaders for their continuous trust, support, caring and direction and his congratulations to all the students for their completion of the training. He attached a great importance in his speech to the transfer of friendship and knowledge back to Ethiopia and asked the students to commit themselves to Ethiopian railway and pass our friendship down to the generations to come.

Student representative Biniyam on behalf of all students expressed his gratitude to the college for the once-in-a-life time chance to learn here and for the comfortable environment and facilities and pledged that they would apply what they gained here to their future job and transfer the hospitality and hard working spirit of Chinese people to Ethiopia.

Ms. Zhang Yanfang, on behalf of all teachers, extended her best wishes and expectations in her speech. People at the site were quite touched by the special affection the teachers and the students shared.

In his address, Mr. Sarka pointed out China and Ethiopia enjoyed a long history of traditional friendship. He explained thatlast year the premier of the People republic of China, premier Li visited Ethiopia and promised to assist Ethiopia and Africa in railway construction and therefore they would need people to run the trains, to upkeep and maintain the Rolling Stock, and to maintain the infrastructure and the railway facilities like electrification, Signaling and Communication Systems. With this idea in their mind and after thorough research and rigorous investigation of all matters, they had chosen Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College which had been proved to be the right choice. He also extended his gratitude to the college for cultivating highly skilled and qualified talents for their company and expected to conduct more cooperation in even more areas.

Mr. Shimelis, Minister Counselor of Ethiopian embassy to China gave high credit to the college for the training program in his speech. He also said that the development of Ethiopian railway owed much to China’s support and assistance. He was convinced and impressed that the area of specialization of the Tianjin railway Technical and Vocational College was highly compatible with Ethiopia’s need for technically equipped and skilled human resource in the railway sector which was indeed significant to attain the five years Growth and Transformation Plan of Ethiopia.

Leaders were invited to present the students the graduation certificates and all people present took a group photo together in memory of the grand ceremony.

The News Column of Tianjin TV station witnessed and covered the entire event. Presses like Xinhua News Tianjin Branch, Tianjin Daily and Tianjin Education Paper also did a great piece about the ceremony.

Our college has spared no effort in offering the best to the training program. We have redecorated the classrooms, the dorms, the cafeteria and the sports courts and fields just to provide a comfortable study and life environment for all the students. The most experienced teachers and management members have been picked up. The Teaching Affairs Department has worked out the best teaching programs customized to the needs of Ethiopian railways. The teaching materials we have offered are not only containing advanced technologies but also highly compatible to their practical needs and the lectures have been well received. Students of all disciplines have had multiple visits to various work sites and off-campus practice bases, which have broadened their sights and brought insights to the understanding of theoretical materials. The on-site practical trainings have also served as the first construction and maintaining experiences for the trainees. Hence, our college has successfully completed the training programs for all Ethiopian staff workers, from which we have derived more valuable experiences of foreign training. It is also a reflection of the competence of our college---the former Railway Huangpu. The success has begun to bring us international fame in foreign training and pursuit for more cooperation concerning railway training, and will help reshape the college.


Graduation Scene 1 

Graduation Scene 2

President Wang Yutao delivering a speech

Mr. Shemalis, minister counselor of Ethiopian embassy, delivering a speech

Mr. Sarka, DCEO of ERC,delivering a speech

Zhang Yanfang, teacher representative, delivering a speech

Beyiam, student representative, delivering a speech

students with certificates

group photo


President Wang Yutao and Mr.Shemalis talking

Tianjin Television Station visits Mr. Shemalis

Tianjin Television Station visits Mr. Sarka

Tianjin Television Station visits Vice-president Zhang Qikun


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