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Grand Graduation Ceremony for SDCF Staff
2015-12-31 16:39  

A grand graduation ceremony was held for our Djibouti students on December 29th, 2015.

Present at the ceremony are Mr. Moussa Ahmed Hassan, Minister of Transport and Equipment of Djibouti, Mr. Kadar Robleh Kadieh, financial counselor of Djibouti Embassy to China, Mr. Chirdon Guirreh Igueh, assistant to the Djibouti Ambassador to China, Mr. Mohamoud Robleh Dabar, general manager of SDCF, Mr. Youssouf Djama Farah, director of the Human Resources Department of SDCF, Mr. Mohamed Hamadou Mohamed, director of Capacity Construction Dept. of SDCF, Mr. Hao Yizhong, General Manager of CCECC (China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation), Mr. Wang Lei, General Manager of Eastern African Affairs Department of CCECC, Mr. Geng Daojing, Marketing Manager of the Djibouti Division of CCECC, Mr. Tang Jiayang, Operational Manager of the Djibouti Division of CCECC, Mr. Lv Jingquan, deputy director of Tianjin Education Commission, Ms. Yang Rongmin, director of Senior Vocational Education Department of Tianjin Education Commission, Ms. Chen Tengbo, deputy director of International Exchange Department of Tianjin Education Commission, Miss. Lee Yi, officer from Tianjin Exit and Entry Administration, Mr. Cao Yanguo, secretary of the party committee of the college, Mr. Wang Yutao, president of the college, leaders, teachers and 94 SDCF training students.

Mr. Cao Yanguo presided the event.

On behalf of the college, President Wang Yutao extended his sincere welcome to the distinguished guests present, his heart-felt appreciation and respect to all the leaders for their continuous trust, support, caring and direction and his congratulations to the 94 students for their completion of the training. He attached great importance in his speech to the transfer of friendship and knowledge back to Djibouti and asked the students to commit themselves to Djibouti railway and pass our friendship down to the generations to come.

Student representative Yacin, on behalf of all students, expressed his gratitude to the college for the chance to learn here and comfortable environment. He also mentioned that during the six-month training, the students not only gained railway knowledge, acquired friendship, but deepened their understanding to Chinese culture as well.

Ms. Pan Ziying, on behalf of all teachers, extended her best wishes and expectations. The deep connections between teachers and students moved every audience.

Mr. Moussa said in his speech that all the 94 Djibouti talents of this railway training program would serve Djibouti-Addis Ababa railway to be operated soon. Besides railway work, they would also make efforts for the development of global logistics transportation factory which made Djibouti the most competitive logistics platform among East Africa. He stressed that China and the Republic of Djibouti had a good corporation and friendship, which could be dated back to 1977, the Independence of the Republic of Djibouti. Today, with our friendship deepening year by year, China and Djibouti had established a wins-win strategic partnership, covering many fields, especially basic transportation facilities, highlighting the newly-established Djibouti railway. Finally, he expressed his gratitude for the good environment for the project and his expectations for the friendship between Chinese people and Djibouti people.

Mr. Hao Yizhong, Deputy General Manager of CCECC, was also invited to address the college and the graduates. He pointed out that the training program improved the students’ management ability on railway and provided them the chance to know the development of China’s railway and our advanced technology. This training program opened a window for communications on technology, culture and people between the two nations.

Mr. Lv Jingquan, Deputy Director of Tianjin Education Commission, delivered a speech. He said that China had signed agreements with more than 20 countries, bringing “Chinese-style” railways to the world. Education and communication, like a high-speed railway, were building up people’s mind. Both parties could strengthen negotiations and corporations for mutual benefit. He promised that Tianjin Education Commission would support the international exchange and corporation work of Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College; and Tianjin Municipal Government would provide scholarships for Djibouti talents coming to Tianjin. He also wished that the students could apply railway knowledge and their own advantages to railway safety, high-efficiency, and sustainable operation, and improve the friendship of China and Djibouti.

Leaders present at the ceremony awarded graduation certificates to all Djibouti students and presented honorable certificates to excellent students and monitors. To close up, all teachers and students took a photo together.

Tianjin TV made a whole coverage for the event.

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